January 2023

The refinement and femininity of the styles created by Aldo Pallanza, historic model maker and artist from Vigevano, have been brought to life thanks to the 3D modeling technologies of ATOM-Shoemaster.

On the occasion of the exhibition held in Milan to celebrate the centenary of his birth, some sketches of footwear made by the artist were transformed into 3D models with the use of ATOM-Shoemaster CADCAM systems.

Each three-dimensional model was developed starting from the sketches of the time, creating a digital 3D shape on which the style of the original shoe was then reproduced.

Thanks to the 3D modeling and rendering tools, virtually all the elements of the shoe were created, using textures of materials similar to those used to make the footwear at that time. By contextualizing the scene with the skillful use of the artist’s own works as a background, it was possible to obtain extremely realistic design images of the finished product.

Using the same technology, various physical models in ABS were then created using 3D printing and presented during the exhibition.

ATOM-Shoemaster’ solutions put themselves at the service of art and allow the creativity of a multifaceted genius like Aldo Pallanza to emerge from the original two-dimensionality of the designs and to translate them into a three-dimensional object, making the designer’s inspiration tangible, materializing it in a product that goes beyond the boundaries of time.